Monday, August 31, 2009

My cancer update !!

Hello, well its time for my breast cancer up date!! I'm 5 weeks post operative double mastectomy. My incisions are pretty much healed, and the pain is much better than before. I have the strength to make it almost all day. I cant lift anything very heavy, but now I can sleep on my sides!!! I'm not having any trouble with self image. I have gone from a DD to nothing and I'm OK with that!!! It is actually easier to be flat chested than bald which I was just a year ago after my Chemotherapy. Sometimes I just wonder when it will end?? The lump that was in the right breast was once again invasive ductal cell carcinoma !!! How on earth did it survive all the torture that I put myself through to get rid of it and it survived...

With no breast tissue and no estrogen I hope that I can stamp out this once and for all!!!! I wake up each day and know how blessed that I am!! I'm a survivor, I will win this fight, I will not give up, not now and not 10 years from now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

little cuttie


what a little cutie pie!!



While I was taking her picture I mentioned that I was old and couldn't get around as fast as she could. She looked at me real serious and said "your not real old like a granny" so I said really, how old do you think I am??? She thought about it a second and said "old like 12". I guess to a 5 year old if she knew how old I really am would scare her to death !!!
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Rainbow Drive Resort

The bait shop was so cute,,, and Clinton was so attentive as always,, I think he really like what hes doing!!


I loved this bench,, some people are so talented!!



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Clinton rigging our poles up for the great catch

Catching Bass


Today we went out again on the lake and enjoyed the beautiful morning.. This is the first bass that I caught,, Darrell wouldn't let me bring him home :(



It didn't take long until Darrell caught one!!!! Mine was bigger!!!!

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No trip on the lake would be complete without Schautzie!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fishing on The White River !!!


Today was on of the best days of my life!!!! I'm not kidding!!! It just felt good!! The river was so smooth, Eva Lauren went with us which is a rare thing these days!! And she actually enjoyed it!!


The scenery was amazing!!


And no one fell in!!

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Logan riding a minature horse!!


Logan loved riding bare back on his miniature horse

Logan loves adventure,

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Thursday, August 27, 2009



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Schautzie is 5 years old and just a delight!!! She is still spunky and feisty yet always loves a long nap. She gets so excited when I get home, even if I'm only gone for a few hours!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day with Charis, My Sweet Pea

Today Charis and I spent a special day together. I picked her up and the first question she asked is wheres Papa??? As I explained that today was our day and Papa was working she was ready to go, and I do mean GO!! Most of the day I spent trying to keep up with her, she ran and ran. I was wanting to take pictures of her but the only shots that I was getting were from behind!! I CANT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN SOON!!

I call Charis My Sweet Pea, and she calls me her Sweet Pea !!! Papa is her Best friend!!

I'm 4 weeks post op now and my time away from work is turning into a much needed vacation. I'm feeling so much better, I can drive now and do things that I took for granted.




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Passing thru Texas


Mom stopped in Texas on her way back home. Aaron was there and she got to see him!! He is so cute,,,I just love his eyes,, He was the sweetest baby!!!


Hannah has so much going on in her life!!! Just bought a house!! that's why the boys were there th help her.. she did some painting and new flooring and that always turns into allot of work..... Now she gets to get back to college and that starts like today!!!! can you say STRESS... But its ok cause its only microbiology, right??? She wants to be an RN like her Aunt Karla.


Granny and Hannah taking time for a pose!!!!

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Kelli on a mission to get this place in order,,,, no doubt it will be gorgeous!!!! She has that touch !!!

Moms trip from Las Vegas


Recently Mama flew to Las Vegas to meet up with her dear friend Carla. (that I'm not named after) She stayed and visited with her family for a week, relaxing in their new homes and swimming in the pool!!! They had a good time but Im always glad to know how soon are you coming home!!

They drove back thru the scenic Grand Canyon. I'm sure they had some really interesting conversations on the long way back. I can just imagine them laughing and cackeling about various things..


Mom is looking all spiffy!!! looking good!!

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Carla is the most amazing lady that I have ever meet!! She has the energy of 20 year old and the strength of any man!!! She looks incredible and her health is great!! I'm so glad that we get to enjoy her!!! She is a very busy lady and keeps the roads HOT!!!

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