Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My fall friends...


This is a fun time of year that I head for the attic and search for all the fall decorations. For me fall rates right up there with Christmas!!!! Veronica was impressed, she said that they don't decorate in Hong Kong. I explained the meaning of Thanksgiving and why it is such a special time of year to be grateful for all the Blessings that we have

Cindi and I made this wreath a few years ago,, I still love using it year after year!!

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now for the big box that ill have to have Darrell get down for me!!!!
that's all the inside stuff!!!!!

Happy Fall!!

Monday, September 27, 2010



As you can tell by the expression on her face she was thrilled with our girl trip to Memphis


Things picked up at the reception with food and dancing,, what girl couldn't resist?

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She even had her Granny dancing to the Electric Slide!!! So yes our girl trip turned out to be one that we will cherish forever!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary Chase and Ashley

My son Chase celebrated his 3rd anniversary this month!! He and Ashley are just the cutest happiest little couple that I know. They spent the week in Pensacola Florida and had a great time.

I pirated this pic from them!!! I taught them everything they know about photography,,, haha,, no they just haven amazing talent and good cameras!!!

Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

I love ya

more of my favorites


i just love this shot of April and Mary! The both look radiant and glowing,, such a great mother daughter moment.


April was so calm and peaceful!!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Charis turns 4


Time dosent stand still for anyone!!! Even my babies are growing up!!!! Charis enjoyed her birthday party with lots of family and friends. I caught the perfect shot of the candle blowing!!!


Auntie Crystal picked out the perfect gift of the princess costume!!! as soon as she saw it she wanted to put it on and play!!! Sooo cute!!


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I asked Logan if he would do me a favor and quit growing like a weed,, he said "I cant help it Im just getting SO BIG"

sneek peek..


April was such an elegant bride.


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Bonne Terre Chapel


This weekend we went to Memphis to celebrate with April and Brad in the union of their love. The venue was so beautiful. Congratulations you two. Wishing you a long blessed life together!!



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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baking a Cake


today Eva Lauren taught Veronica how to bake a cake!!!! from a box of course!!


with real eggs!!!!


enjoyed our Sunday being lazy and spending time with family!! A nip of fall is in the air and I love it!!!

Chase and Ashley were here!!! Mom and Dad came over for Dinner!!

Dad went fishing this morning and the prop "FELL" off his boat!!! I know!!! Darrell and Chase went to help and bring him back in!! Chase dove for a little bit looking for the prop with no luck!

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got me some new good smelling goodies this week!!!

a busy week coming up!!!!
the fair is coming to town!!!!
We are going to a wedding in Memphis!!!!

ready or not here it comes!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Veronica is still settling in to her new environment,
things are a lot quieter and slower than she is accustomed to
She has been a little homesick this week and missing her family.
On a humerus note we were watching TV and a Weather Alert came on for a thunderstorm!!! She was smiling and ask if she had to go to school???? In China when it rains it really rains and school is canceled on those days. Hear we will be looking for snow days!!!!! She has never seen snow or experienced a cold winter!!!


another Blessed week,,

now its the weekend and time to relax,

Did a little shopping with the girls today

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big News!!

Life has been anything but normal around her this month. If you haven't heard by now Darrell and I are going to commute to LR to work again!! I'm not looking forward to the drive each week but the financial benefits are so worth it!!

We are also hosting a young lady from Hong Kong!!! It wasn't anything that we planned it just kinda happened. She is enjoying her first week of school and getting to know the family.

I had to move my scrapbook room the the formal living room,,, not an easy task!! Now the front room is more of a junk/study room,,, I have a large double window to look out as I play on the computer and work on projects. I'm amazed at the traffic on our little road but love watching the deer as they graze on our lawn!!!

after months of no scrapping I finally made a layout today!!

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