Thursday, June 30, 2011



Mom and Dad dancing was so sweet,,


The Ritch men!!!


Awwww,, group hug!!! we had so much fun this night!!

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Dad loved the crab legs!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011



Hair does not define a person.


I'm bald and proud of it!! It is a symbol that I'm Fighting to save my life again. A life worth fighting for,a life filed with love, peace, and the Spirit of God.


Blessed with family and Friends that are hold me up in Prayer. I claim my healing in my body and soul. Remember Im a fighter, and God gives the the strength and the desire to press on..

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life at the Beach


Nothing like pulling your truck up to the beach and hanging out for the day!!


Kelli soaking in the Texas sunshine!!!


Garrett buried himself in the sand dune!!!

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My baby brother hanging out in the shade. He is such a sweetie!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Group shots!!!!


Group pic before leaving Houston in front of Steven and Summers new house!!!! It is so beautiful!!! I'm so proud of them...


Back in Tyler we had a small get together with some of my cousins!!!! we had a great time,,, I just love them so much!!!! what a hoot they are!!!


Random plant shot!!!!
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Kelli's pool at night ,,, so peaceful,,,,

Savvy, Summer and Steven Luke


No trip to Houston is complete without a visit with Savannah....


She was enjoying a cupcake!!!! Yummy!!!!


What a precious baby girl!!!!


They are so sweet!!!!! and pretty,,, no wonder Savvy is a doll!!1
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Pete and Honeys Ranch!!!!


Last weekend I spent at Pete and Honey's Ranch south of Houston!!!!! I just love it there,,, the pool the land and the animals are all so wonderful..Total relaxation!!!!


Dad was enjoying the Pool with Sally,,,


I just love the garden,, Honey has canned so many pickles this year,,, its a full time job because Pete and dad open a jar and eat one each day.

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My big brother Pete!!!! He acts alot tougher than he really is!!!! Hes just a softy!!!

Family Ties


After my first chemo treatment Mom and Kelli came to stay with me. Needless to say I didn't get sick right away, so we spent the weekend visiting and even took a walk at Pinnacle Point in Little Rock.



I have been truly Blessed with a family that Loves and supports me>♠ Thank you Mom and Kelli for being there for me!!! I love you so very much!!!

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as you can tell it had rained the day before so the trail was really wet,,, but we still had a great time!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

out of pocket!!!!

Hello everyone...I am in Tyler Texas my home town and the Rose Capital of America. It feels good to be back to spend time with family that I haven't seen in years!!!! Kelli and I have had a great weekend,, we went to Houston this past weekend and ate a Joe's Crab shack and listened t the band play. I spent the weekend with some of the best Seafood you could imagine.... Aprils wedding Shower was this weekend so we had a Shrimp and Crayfish Boil!!!! It was at Pete and Honeys poolside and amazing,,, the DJ was wonderful.

This week is for some serious R&R with Kelli we had Mani, pedi today and tomorrow I have a date with the POOL!!!! Schautzie has been my perfect companion.

I apologize for no pic,,,, but Darell took both laptops with him so I'm borrowing Kellies and cant download my photos,,, but when I do I have so many to show you!!!

This weekend we are going to Galveston Island to play on the Beach,,,and the Monday I have to step back into reality world and have Chemotherapy. Oh well it could be worse,,,,, I'm still so excited that the scars tissue are shrinking!!!!! God is amazing at the things that he does for his people!!!

pictures to follow I promise!!!!!

Have a blessed week!!!!

I love you!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011




A best friend
is always there,
whether you need advice,
or a pep talk,
or even a shoulder to cry on.
A best friend
listens with her heart
and is always honest with you,
even though the truth
may not be
what you want to hear.
A best friend
knows all your secrets,
understands your fears
shares your dreams.
A best friend
never stops believing in you
even if you give up
on yourself.
you are
that kind of friend
to me.
And no matter what happens,
you always will be.
You are my best friend....
my forever friend.

- Renee Duvall



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Family Ties


My family came to be with me after my first chemotherapy in Little Rock. The side effects didn't happen immediately so we went for a little walk at Pinnacle point. Notice the trail was really a river due to all the heavy rain that we had been getting!! However that didn't stop us from us giving it a try!!




Hannah had the camera and couldn't resist a foot shot,,, we all love our pedicures!!!!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Today was a mixture of joy and happiness mixed in with a little sadness. Had gotten a few more things done around the House that i had been neglecting.

But its so hard when the lake is calling your name,,,, Karla, KARLA, come on and play for a little!!!


Today the wind was perfect and the water was like glass!!!

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Another spectacular Sunset on bull Shoals Lake

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lake Time


Charis has her new summer haircut and it is so stinking cute!!!!


I just love her little bathing suit,,,, can you say cheeky,,,


No day at the lake is complete without inflatable toys!!! Logan was so busy swimming with his life vest on that I never really go a good pic of him, but I did get some good smooches!!


Chuck enjoying time with his family,,, he is such a great dad!!! Gotta love that smile!!!
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