Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papaw Sam's Amarillos


Papaw Sams Amarillo s are blooming this week!!! Each year that they come back I'm blesses with the memories of my childhood in Texas. I remember he had so many flowers that bloomed and smelt so good. I hope when my grand babies come to my house they will remember the lush lawn and the sound of the waterfalls and know that Papa and Nana love them.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flppin Class of 2011


I was so proud to be one of the parents of the class of 2011. What an amazing group of students. 95% of the graduating Seniors have already been accepted into College!!! Talking about a Million dollar class these students received $900,000.
in scholarship money!!

Class of 64 Seniors!!


Granny, Eva Lauren and Me,,, so proud of my girl!!


she is so beautiful!!!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers Day


A mother's love determines how
We love ourselves and others.
There is no sky we'll ever see
Not lit by that first love.

Stripped of love, the universe
Would drive us mad with pain;
But we are born into a world
That greets our cries with joy.

How much I owe you for the kiss
That told me who I was!
The greatest gift--a love of life--
Lay laughing in your eyes.

Because of you my world still has
The soft grace of your smile;
And every wind of fortune bears
The scent of your caress.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trout Fishing on the White River


Today was amazing!!! Eva stayed home from school so we went fishing!! We each caught 4 nice rainbow trout


We are having fresh Trout for dinner!!!! Yum,Yum,


Chase also took the day off work to spend the day with his Mama!! He is such a sweetheart!!! I really needed him today!!
Sometimes I think my Kids are the best therapy in the world


As many of you know by now my Biopsy came back positive for Cancer!!! Im bewildered, shocked, and otherwise a basket case right now. Thanks for all my family and friends that are holding me up right now and the Word of God that gives me Strength.
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