Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ever changing


Things seem to change so fast, the seasons fly by and babies grow up so fast. I wish I could push the pause button just to spend more time with the ones I love. However, I'm not in control of time so I will do my best to enjoy each and every day. All the little walks along the river, the afternoons after school, sleepovers, and any little extra time squeezed into each week.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cotter Family

Today Eva Lauren and I meet up with Brooke and her family to snap a few pic. We had a blast,, what a cute family,,, these boys were so busy and having sooo much fun!!




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Thursday, April 22, 2010

lets just start this day over.......


What happened to my relaxing day off??

Today was insane,, had planned on having a great day shopping getting a pedicure and hanging out with my daughter.. Well of course that didn't happen!

What did happen was wake up to a roof leak!!!! What??? Out of my league for sure. Things didn't get any better, my daughter didn't want to stay home from school so away she went!!! So I headed to the BANK to get CASH!! well I took out my money and was sitting there writing out a check while this ATM machine is screaming at me??? I look up and it takes my card back into the ATM !!! So I go inside to get my card back,,, two people head out with the key and come back with my card,,, great!!! No!! they wont let me have it back,,, I wait as they call my Bank, my bank said to give it back to me,,,, but the bank that was holding my card hostage said they cant give it back without a release from my bank!!!While my Bank is on the phone with them telling them to give it to me!! So I have to shop with checks!!! how lame is that?? I needed gas,, pulled up to get gas,,, go to the window give her 40.00 and she turns the pump off at 20.00 !!! So i go back to the Little window and she says oh sorry sweetie,, just put the nosel back up and do it all over again :)))) By this time I hate dealing with cash!!! My husband calls and i explain all this to him and he asks "WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT YOU" !!!!! Wrong thing to say!!!!! I go into walmart take one look around and decide that I should just go home and start over another day!!!

So I'm home with my PJ's on and about to take a chill pill!!!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

My favorite girl in the world!!


I love this girl so much. I love everything about her. She is my baby girl and I'm so proud of her. How is it possible to keep loving her more each day?



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On our way home today I talked her into letting me take her pic!! Cotter Bridge is always a wonderful backdrop and she is such a natural beauty.
thanks baby doll for letting me snap these!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

more Easter Joy!!

Abby is the Baby of the family. Here she is on her papas mower singing while the Easter Egg hunt was going on.. It was so cute she found her first egg,, opened it ate the candy and then went for the next one. She only got a few eggs but she enjoyed them so very much!! What a sweetieIMG_1335
Charis is living large in her compact frame!! She is strong and in control! If you don't think so just ask her!! She is so beautiful, I love my grand babies to pieces!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I love having a big family Its such a joy watching the children grow and have a good time playing together. When we all get together there is plenty of excitement, food, and laughter!!
Schautzie playing !!

Look the Dogwoods are starting to bloom!!!

ready, set GO!!!!

Someone is not happy,,, Caily and Abby!!

Moms Tulips,,, I just LOVED them!!
What a contrast from last Easter,, remember it was cold and raining!! Today was the perfect Spring day,,,we had a blast!! We had the family all come over for burgers and an Easter Egg Hunt. The grand babies had so much fun hunting their eggs!!

Ayden was playing base ball with his Papa,, he was really slammin that ball


Crystal helping Abby find her eggs




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