Saturday, January 30, 2010

schnauzers in the snow !!!!

they are so stinkin cute !!!!!!!

Sierra, Suzie and Schautzie !!

the snow was deeper than she is tall, we had to pick her up :)

Suzie was running so fast,,, she loved it !!
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Cancer didn't win..

Eva Lauren took these pic while it was snowing,,,, she was feeding the birds

I'm so blessed,,,, who said that cancer would win ??? Wasn't me!!!

i give God all the glory !!!

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......this is how hillbillies play in the snow!!!!!!

I was so excited about today that I had trouble sleeping last night!!! Sometimes I'm like a kid that just wants to have fun and play. We got nearly 10 inches of snow in the past 24 hours,, the perfect light fluffy stuff !!!!

the kids had a great time!!! we went to the overlook at the Dam and sled down the hill on all kinds of home made sleds,,, tubes, sleds, and an old boat cushion !!!! we are very creative !!

i just love the snow so much !!

Bull Shoals Lake

Sierra loved the snow,,, she was hopping like a little bunny

this is Darrell and I crashing at the bottom of the hill !!!

Here goes heavy D,,,, he won the most distance traveled award !!

my dad had a blast,,,


Mirriah,,,,wipe out!!!!!

my babies


the girls after they played in the snow!!!

my big butt as I'm going down head first

who dat???

I chose to use the cushion!!!!!

hillbilly ski lift

my angel and Garrett!!!

ahhhh !!!

Mallory !!!! hold on girl!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mid week view..

Its only Wednesday and already had a full week.. Getting ready for the next potential snow storm. I still enjoy the snow it just really makes it tough getting to and from work and in health care there is no missing work due to weather unlike school and many businesses
had the taste for chicken and dumplings, yum, yum,

looking back at some pic when we went to the pumpkin patch this fall

Garrett and Mallory

Caily eating some berries that her papa bought for her

Chase and Ashley are back from Texas and are going North into this winter advisory for a job interview..
Wish you the best of luck....
( we are keeping Suzie and sierra tonight)
If you have ever had 3 Schnauzers in one house I'm sure that you can relate to the drama that I'm enjoying tonight... they are so funny!!!
Enjoying being home with Eva Lauren she is in Speech this semester and she is having fun with it..
until next time !!!
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

scrapbook inspiration

This weeks class at Scrapbook Addiction was so cute! I really needed some inspiration to get to scrappin and this was just the class to do it.. Thanks Miranda !! Now off to do some more layouts!! I love quiet weekends!!

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Amy Mallory, Garrett, on Buffalo river. Yea Amy starts her new job this week,,she will be OOT training for a couple weeks... I know she is excited!!! Good luck this week !!

this is my sweet pea!!! she is such a doll,,,,

this one is not a baby anymore!!!

I love this pic just cause its kinda crazy,,,,EL kissing Chase while he makes a crazy face,, Charis picking her nose, and I look like I could pass out from exhaustion!!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My daughter,,,

My daughter is the sweetest young lady that I know. I love her so much !!!!

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