Tuesday, March 29, 2011







My Spring Break ended with a trip to Rogers to see Chase and Ashley.

We went to the dog park in Bentonville to let Sylas strut his stuff. He was so funny to watch,, when he came to the Jump bar he said no way,, so he belly crawled under it!!

Sylas is the newest member to our family,,

Chase and Ashley love living in Rogers and I can see why,, its gorgeous, has lost of shopping and wonderful places to eat!!

Sylas your a sweetie!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kids will be Kids


I was watching the kids play and snapping pictures and caught Charis pouring water on Justyce.

Not really spur of the moment because she had to fill her bucket....


Walk down to where Justyce was playing beside the stream...... and gotcha!!!

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of course she got caught,,, but for the moment to her it was worth it!!

Cousins nothing like it!!




We had it all today,,,at COTTER SPRINGS!!


The boys are getting so big. Dedrick is 13, Ayden is 9 and Logan is 6. That still makes me 30 something!


I just love times when we can all get together. The Grand Babies had a blast playing with each other. I remember times playing with my cousins was some of the happiest times of my life!! That is what makes us who and what we are.

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"Caught in Action"
Charis filled up her bucket from the spring and carried it over 500 ft to pour it over Justice's head. Its spring, not summer so this water is very cold!!! What a stinker!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011




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She is the cutest little thing!!!!

She is the best model for this amateur photographer!!!

Ready for Spring!!!



My plants are craving this sunshine and so am I!!! Darrell put our plants on the deck to get a few days of sunshine. Im sure that we will have to put them back up one more time but they were begging us for a break!!!! Im loving this sunshine today,,,

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Happy Birthday Justyce!!!


My sweet Justyce is growing up so fast!!! Her Birthday is this week!! She will have a great party at the park with family and friends!!! Spring is a great time to have your birthday,,, great weather and pretty flowers to enjoy!!


Darrell and I will be working this weekend and will miss out on this special occasion but we wish her the Happiest Birthday ever!!!


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Another great Book by Jodi Picoult!!

She captured me once again with this powerful book. This has been one of my first ones to read on my E-Book.

I just love love love it!!!! and I love love love my Sweet Husband!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Ive been away from my computer and Craft room for way to long!! Ive been busy working extra shifts and working on the house in little Rock on top of all the usual stuff!!! My camera feels neglected, my family is hungry, and I'm stressed out!!!

Had fun in my Scrapbook class!!! Such cute pic!!!


Abby turned 4 this week!!! Auntie Jaren took these wonderful pic of her!!!! I just love them!!!



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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My day at Oaklawn


This past Friday I meet up with some of my great friends at Oaklawn.. The weather was perfect, sunny and mid 70's.


This was my first time at the races so my strategy was placing my bet in the Horse with the best name..

Heavenly Ambitions came in first!!!! woohoo,,, to bad I had only bet $6.


I must admit just having a day to relax and have fun was priceless,,, Reuben sandwich and a Bud light!!! ahwww...

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I just love this Spring weather....looking forward to many more.

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