Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perfect stay at home day!!!

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Today is July 30, and I stayed at home recovering from my surgery! Most of my day was spent in bed reading. It rained most all day, it was wonderful.. Mom came to check up on me and see if I wanted her to cook tonight !!!! Wow,,, this has turned into the life of the rich and famous!!! I have changed my pj's twice and Eva Lauren shampooed my hair!! I have felt a little better so Ive been up in my scrap book room!! Completed a couple projects!! Did I tell you that Darrell has put up peg board in my room????? YES!!!! Its awesome!!

Schautzie went to the groomer and Eva Lauren had a hair appointment. She drove both of them their !!!

Darrell has his release to return to work!!!! His hand has come a long way!!! He can return on Aug 11. Even better news is that he will be moving to a day position soon!!! This is what we have been waiting on for one year!!! Im ready for us to be on the same schedule again!! We both got our evaluation this week and we were very happy with the results!!!

Tomorrow I wouldnt mind if it was the same!!!! However its sunny, and I may try to go to town!!!!! Scrapbook addiction is having a SALE!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Layouts


today I felt like working on a new project!!! Loved this Pink Paislee line "facinating"


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post op day 4

Day BedImage by Sanctu via Flickr

OMG I know that it doesn't sound like much but I turned to my left side while I was sleeping!!!!! It has been very difficult to sleep at night because I couldn't turn...I have been literally stuffed with pillows under my arms ,neck and legs just to lay down.

Not ready to cut back on pain meds yet!!! Still having alot of pain!!

Thanks to Amy and Mom for a wonderful dinner last night!! And tonight Cindy if bringing Dinner for us..

Darrell has his appointment in Springfield today, Im hoping that she will release him back to work soon. I know that he is ready!!

I can see gradual improvements daily with me. The Dr said that I could have the JP drains and the steri strips out by Monday!! Wow only a week away from a shower!!


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white river state park

Ashley looking very pretty tonight

Darrell lost in space!!

Eva fishing with such gladness!!!

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Logan enjoying his water melon

Monday, July 27, 2009

on the road to recovery

1987 Mack dump truck in Montreal CanadaImage via Wikipedia

WOW!!! I feel like Ive been hit by a mack truck!!! Today is post op day 3 !!!! I have a Doctors apt today. I'm not ready to get out of the house yet..I cant even get dressed!!! Do you think he would mind if I showed up in my GOWN???? better yet why don't he come here and see me?? Ive never been in so much pain, I cant move my arms to scratch my nose...I cant go to the bathroom by myself, or even pour myself something to drink... And my whole body itches from all the pain meds!!! This will be interesting Ill let you know how it goes!!!

on a more positive note, thanks to everyone that has been there for me. My family and church friends are bringing us a meal everyday this week!!! I'm up for visitors now so bring it on!!! (can you tell its 4 am and I'm delusional)
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

nanas baby

Cheris is always sweeter after a bath and chocolate milk!!!

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post op day 2 !!!!!!

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this was the night before my surgery we meet at the park for water melon!!! I got lots of good kisses that night!!

this is pod 2!!! and Im up in the house ,not moving very fast, but I am moving,I have 2 JP drains

Thursday, July 23, 2009

checking my list

WatermelonsImage via Wikipedia










9 had a talk with the Good Lord!

10 stocked up on scrap book supplies and lots of pictures of the family!!


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Sunday, July 19, 2009

surgery friday!! getting nervous

365 Day 44Image by lornagrl via Flickr

I am having a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction on Friday.. I am so nervous about this.. I made it thru the anger phase of dealing with the return of my breast cancer and now I'm ready to make the next step!! I have had such great support from family and friends..

It was amazing to get the response from my friends from the Heart Hospital in Little Rock, and my new co-workers from BRMC.. During a time like this you can feel so all alone. I'm so very thankful for all the support that I am receiving!!

For me the decision has not been easy.. Some women are strong and know exactly what they would do without any doubt!! Its my nature to worry about every little thing and all the possible complications so it has made this decision a hard one.

I now have peace with my decision. Im ready. Im ready to get it over. I trust that God will carry me through this as he has done each and every time.
keep me in your prayers!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009


Cover of "Shopping (Board Books)"Cover of Shopping (Board Books)

Yesterday I went to Branson and Springfield shopping !!! Its already time for school clothes !! how ever my daughter doesn't like to shop or even dress up or dress in the current fashion!! She HATES name brand stuff. Its like she is on a crusade to punish me. I probably should be glad that she doesn't demand the high dollar fashion that Ive heard other parents complain about. I think she is paying me back for all the years of pretty pink dresses with matching panties and the perfect bow for her hair.. We did find her some cute jeans size 1 short that look really good!!

We ended up having a wonderful day!! Chase, Ashley, Eva Lauren and I had fun just being together. Chase had us laughing all day!! I don't know where he comes up with so much off the wall funny stuff. He has always been like that..

Ashley looked so beautiful!! She has a new hair style and it looks Hot!!!(i can say that) Her angelic skin is amazing,,, I cant wait till they start their little family... they are at least saying in about a year now !!! my heart is pounding with excitement!!!

Cheers to a wonderful day that I loved every minute of!!!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

a day at the park

Today we went to the park and played with the grand babies. Once again I'm reminded why it is you have children when your young. I loved watching them play and laugh with each other but it didn't take long before Papa and I were exhausted. Ayden(not photoed) said "I feel like I'm falling to pieces" We were all tired and ready to get home to relax in the cool house.
I was glad to get a few good shots of them before we headed to Bull Shoals !!




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Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to Arkansas Ritch Family !!!!

University of Texas - UT TYLER LOGOImage via Wikipedia

I'm so excited!! If you know me or have followed my blog very long you would know that Ive been waiting on my baby brother to move here from TEXAS.. Ive BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS!!! I had just about given up but hear they are !!!!! They found the most beautiful house so close to us.. the big moving van was delivered today with everything that they own in it.... Now the fun part starts,,, tomorrow I will go and help Kirk and Amy get settled into their new home,,, I'm so very excited that Amy will be here and we can be best buds!!! I really like her and we have allot of fun together. Garrett and Mallory will now get to have their Aunt Karla !!! I plan to spoil them rotten.. (to late)

They are gonna have some culture shock at first but will get used to that in a couple years.. The biggest difference is the speed limit!!!!! 75 is the speed limit on most highways in Texas. Here 45-50 mph is the limit, but the Ma and Paws that are driving here are in no HURRY so they drive 10 mph less than the limit and You cant pass them because the roads are to curvey..

The kids haven't seen fireflies before!!!! and deer!!! they have a great place to ride their bikes and fish in the big lake in the back yard....great place to ride 4 wheelers too!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sunday night we were singing karaoke and having a good time. Charis put on Papas glasses so she could read the song book!!! She is adorable,, this just made her blue eyes look even bigger. Notice that the book is upside down!! PRICELESS....

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Monday, July 6, 2009

shrimp boil......

I must say that we had a great July 4th. The food was excellent and the weather was perfect.




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my July 4 th celebration

July 4th FireworksImage by SRivera via Flickr

We had a weekend packed full of family and friends this week !!! Pete and Honey came up in their bus and stayed at a near by park. Mary came up from Little Rock, Kelli and Zack and Becky and her girls came from Texas! They are all so much fun!! They are girly girls,,, so I enjoy getting new hair tips and the latest fashion tips{not that I use them)!!! Got a pedicure this week!!! love that OPI cajun shrimp color.

On the 4th we took the house boat out and anchored down to watch the fireworks that night. A storm blew in with high winds and rain, but we waited it out.. I layed down and took a 2 hr nap,, the breeze was nice and cool the rain on the roof was so relaxing. It was perfect !!

On Sunday we had a Shrimp Boil at our house. Mary cookd so many woundrful things ! We had a feast all day long, then we boiled potatoes, corn and giant shrimp,, followed by home made ice cream!!!

Charis put on her Papas glassed to pick out her Karokee song !!

Honey showing Charis and Logan how to peel shrimp

Pete enjoying spending time with his crazy family




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Pete and Honey brought these straight up from the Gulf of Mexico!!

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