Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Veronica



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I'm not sure how it happened but we are now a Host Family for AYUSA. This has been something hat has just been in the back of my mind but never believed that we would actual do.
I received information about Veronica and her situation and it just seamed the right thing to do. I look at our complex blended family and wonder if we are the right family to be a Host. Who knows?? But if we are not, the right family didn't step up to the plate!! So we get the honor of hosting this amazing young lady!

Welcome Veronica

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Look at this spectacular place that is my HOME!!! I'm not here on vacation I'm here to live my life to the fullest. This is what the bottom of the White River looks like when they are not generating!!! I love walking along the shallow water and admiring all the rock that spend most of their time under water.

Mom and I enjoyed a few hours together. I needed her input on some very important issues that we are facing right now. As always just hearing her say that I think your doing the right thing was so calming to me. We sat on a swing and discussed all the changes that are happening in our family. Im so blessed to have her with me hear!!!
thank you Lord for such a wonderful Mother!!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010



Today was Logans big day,,, his first day of school. He was determined to ride that big yellow school bus that has been passing his house for the past 5 years,,, yep today was that day!!! He throws his back pack on his shoulder and gives a big grin to mom and dad!!! He strolls to the bus stop where he starts showing everyone how many jumping jacks he can do in 5 min.

Stepping into that big bus!!!!

What a big boy!!!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Eva Lauren


My baby turned 18 this week,,, and part of growing up included a trip to White Water in Branson!! This was her first road trip and it wasn't easy to let her go but I did!!!! She had a great time and made it there and back safe and sound!!!


Chocolate Cheese Cake was her request for her BD Cake,,
Made by "Golden Girls Cheese Cake",
it was fabulous!!


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we had a small party and celebrated Mary and Eva Laurens birthdays

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stepping Into the Ring

l saw this for the first time today,,, I havent stopped crying yet!!!1 This is such a realistic clip of what BREAST CANCER does to you!!! It tries to rob you of everything that you are,,, strippng you to the core with no warning!!!

Im celebrating life today!!

And everyday!!!

Im still fighting,,, and I wont give up!!!

Hannah Brook!!


Full of spunk and enthusiasm is the best way to describe my beautiful niece Hannah!!! She is young, beautiful and kicking her life off to a great start!!!

She is starting Nursing School in Texas this semester!!! WoooHooo another nurse in the family


My hat is off to you Hannah Banna!!!! Good luck!! you will do great!!

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The sky is the limit!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Day at the Spring!!

Today was another hot, hot day here in the Ozarks, so we meet up with Brittany and the kids at Cotter Springs!! The water was nice and cool and we soon forgot that it was near 100 degrees!!


"My baby girl"


we iced down a watermelon so it was nice and cold!!! It really hit the spot!!!! Here is my Sweetpea enjoying hers!!

Logan was such a big boy,, he was swinging off the rope today. Had to stop and take a break for watermelon!

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peaceful summer life in the Ozarks!!!!had a great day with the family!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Chase!!

My little boy is all grown up(sorta). you will always be my pride and joy. I'm proud of you and the decisions that you are making in your life.

Love you baby!!

photos from Ashley!!

Crazy Week!!!


The summer is wrapping up fast now !!! School starts in 2 weeks,, we had our Graduation Check up with the school counselor and Miss Eva is all ready to to kick off her Senior year!!!
Go girl!!
This was Eva Laurens last year pic that Jamie (life as a photo)took!!!!


We had dinner at Gaston's a few weeks ago with Mary and her brothers!! The food was good but the atmosphere is wonderful!!


a shot of the White River at Gaston's as the fog was rising!!

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This is Eva Lauren in action,,

Thursday, August 5, 2010



Wow Kelsey is one month old already !! She is so adoreable!!
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my space


This is where I spend most of my time!!

I organized and cleaned it up today,, I haven't seen the desk top in months!!! I really need to get motivated to scrapbook!! I'm so behind,,, maybe I have to many hobbies for my busy life!!! I just wish my house could stay this clean!!
I love my craft room!!!

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Schatuzie says that I need to spend more time with her!!!

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