Friday, July 29, 2011

A day to remember!!!


Today was an awesome day with the Grand babies. The girls were having so much fun together swimming.

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The boys were jumping off the bluffs,,,fearless dare devils for sure!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eva's week home!!!


To be young again,,, full of energy and zest!!! Eva had a great time while at home this week. She is going to College in Texas this Fall,,,,,, dosent seam possible but it is really happening.


Nolen, Eva and Miriah had the best time together this week.


old friends


Bull Shoals lake,,, the Bluffs,,, the water is still about 20 feet high. I love this place so much!!!!
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This week Eva and Nolen drove to Little Rock with me for my chemo treatment. When they got my lab results I wasn't able to have chemo this week due to low blood count. Bummer,,,( not that I really want to have the treatments) sooo.... we did a little shopping, saw Judy while she was in the hospital and headed back to the mountains to enjoy the rest of our week..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Game Night!!!!


We had another great night at poolside at Kelli's house. The boys were diving and doing flips!!!


I just love spending time with family,,, I have missed being around them so much!!!!!


We played Left tight center!!!! If you have nerver played this game you need to!!!! We were laughing and yelling so loud that Daddy was afraid that the neighbors were gonna report us!!!!
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Brown Family Reunion


The Brown reunion 2011 was a blast!! For as long as I can remember we have had this reunion where we get together and and visit and catch up with our family members!!

We have an Auction where we raise money for the next year. Tony and Kelli held the Auction this year,,, Kelli was the perfect Vanna White as she displayed all the items for bid.


Moms famous Italian cream Cake!!


Dad and I checking his watch against the clock!!


Mom as she pays tribute to Uncle Cecil and Aunt Sandy. They just celebrated thier 50th Wedding anniversary!!!! What an accomplishment!!! Congratulations!!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

My retreat before chemo!!!


I had such a great week. I feel blessed and grateful for all the things that are happening in my life at this point. I could be down and depressed but I would be wasting time that I could be doing something fun and rewarding.

This week Pete and Honey took Mom and I to a great place on the Texas Beach,,, we went crabbing,,, this is my First crab that I caught!!! It was so exciting,,, these crabs are really mean!!!!


We enjoyed the full moon, the sunset was amazing!!


AWWWWW My favorite day!!!! the left me at the beach,,,, we had spent several hours but I wasn't quite ready to go,,,, soooo the left me!!!!

I walked and sang as loud as I could,,,, did I mention I loved it!!!! Then I picked up trash that was scattered along the way!!!! There was no one in sight!!!

The song Who am I came to my heart and I sang it.... Just Imagine Who Am I???

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My shrine of protection against the elements!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday by the pool


Eva and Clint sitting by the pool

After church we had a great Lunch prepared by Grannie and Carla!!!


Grannie and Papa catching up on smooches from Eva Lauren!!!! She has been away this summer with her Dad, and we sure have missed her!!


Everyone was told to strike a pose!!! we were just having fun being silly,,, that adds joy to our crazy family!!!

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Kelli enjoying having her family at her home!!!!!

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