Thursday, April 30, 2009

darrells accident with the tablesaw


Tuesday Darrell had an accident with his table saw!!!! He is lucky that he didn't loose his fingers, the doctor repaired the ligaments in the ER and will follow up with a specialist in Springfield!!!!

He is having allot of pain,,mostly taking meds and sleeping...I really hate to see him hurt. Pray that he will have a quick recovery and will be able to return to work soon..Im so glad that it wasnt his right hand!!! We have just started computerized charting and that would make his job more difficult.

We have an appointment, Friday with McBride then on Monday we see the specialist in Springfield.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mary is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Mary is here!!! We are having a wonderful time, yesterday we fished on the dock at Bull Shoals Lake, after fighting the wind we decided to try out the river!!! Yes it was windy their too!!! We enjoyed the boat ride on the White River,, Spring is here finally,,, All the plants and trees are if full bloom and we are covered with the yellow pollen that it leaves,,, I'm so glad that I don't suffer from allergies!!!Today we had plans of taking out the house boat,,Darrell is checking out the weather to see if this is a good idea,,, Ill let you know how it goes!!
Until next time!!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Ocean of life

Mary this one is for you!!

Ask the Owl

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love my Daddy....

Today was the prettiest day of the year no doubt!!! Darrell and I went down to the houseboat to do some more painting and realized that it was to nice of a day to stay on the dock, so we found a little cove with no wind and fished and worked.. Daddy had an eye exam this morning but came out after his appointment.. He got within 200 yard from us and ran out of gas!!! He was using his trolling motor to come toward us... i thought he was fishing!!!! To make a long story short by the time we got gas out of our boat and into his it was quite an ordeal!!! poor guy has the worse luck of all... I cant stand to see him getting older,, but I'm so glad that he is here and enjoying his life!!! When he got back from the boat dock full of gas he had the best time!!! He said that he never did anything easy and that he had to work twice as hard to do anything. He laughs and jokes all the time...He is really enjoying his retirement!!!! I am too!!! I love him so much!!!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Martha Washington said.............

"The greatest part of our happiness and misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances."

Just thought you might like that!!

Today was a very busy day filled with lots of spring cleaning,, not at home, but on the house boat!!! I cant believe how everything can get so dirty over the winter months. Every spring we have to work at least two or three days cleaning, shampooing, and painting. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining!!! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow???? YEP more of the same.

In just a few more weeks we will be using it every day,,I'm really looking forward to this summer. Last summer was such a blurr,,,I had just finished my chemo and wasn't really feeling like hanging out on the lake. The water level is perfect this year, so look out here we come!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009





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The all day scrapbook crop was so much fun!!! I meet some really neat ladies, Sandra who had every scrapbook tool that has ever been made, thanks for letting me use you stuff. Patti who scraped 12 pages to my 4... Miranda the craft knife Queen!!! Brandi for putting it all together and creating flawless layouts!!! Jamie who is now teaching at Scrapbook Addiction!!(cant wait to join in on her class). Amy who inspires me to dig deeper and introduced me to transparencies and ink!! And the ever calm Brook who always has a smile and a great idea!!!

Looking forward to the next crop!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

all day scrapbook crop!!!!

wow this weekend i have an all day crop to go to with Scrapbook Addiction!!!! I'm really looking forward to it!!! Hanging out with the girls and learning more "STUFF"
Stay tuned for more layouts!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today was such a great day, at 5am. i got a call and was put on call!!! Not ready to go back to bed I started playing in my scrapbook room,,, here is was I came up with,, I also got to do a little yard work and visit with my Mom and Darrell!!
Mom and Dad

Charis playing at the park!!!

Abby on her 2 nd Birthday!!!
Ayden having chocolate pie,,, what a cutie!!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

More Easter Fun!!


I really love this picture!! Caily found an Egg in the Ferns as Mom was watching thru the window!!

Chase put some dough in a plastic egg,,, Caily found it and loved it!! the eyes are almonds!!

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Jainy was so cute!!! I just love, love, love, her red hair!!! She is so shy!! I really enjoy it when she lets go and has fun!!
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the colors of Easter!!!


Eva Lauren decorated the Eggs


before church, me showing some of the eggs!!!



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We had a great time this Easter!!! We started of by going to church, after all this is a Christian Holiday!!! We had a feast for lunch,, ham, potato salad and yeast rolls!!!
Thanks so much for my Mom who really did all the prep work and the cooking for this event!!!! I worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so she did all shopping and cooking!!
It rained all day but that didn't stop us from having our egg hunt. The bunny left all the eggs on the front drive so that the kids wouldn't get wet and muddy!!!(hes so smart)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cooper Park Easter Egg Hunt part 2

I really enjoyed taking a few of my grand babies to the egg hunt this past weekend!! It was cold and windy, but the sunshine was so nice!! Caily looked so pretty in her spring dress!! She found the most eggs and gratefully shared with her brother who was not so lucky!! When Ayden counted his eggs he said "all this for only 6 eggs". I promised that on Easter when he came to Papa's and Nana's he would get more eggs!! Then he said "I really want a prize egg" So I have made special arrangements with the Easter Bunny to have plenty of "PRIZE EGGS" when we have our family Easter celebration this Sunday.


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Cooper Park

Abby was so cute looking for Easter eggs!!! She would put them in her basket and they would fall back out!!! She only found three eggs so I would sneak one out of her basket so she could find it again!, and again.....!! I love this age... she is talking like a big girl now... and she gives the biggest hugs and kisses!!!!xoxoxo




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