Thursday, April 26, 2012

My weekend get away!!!! Beach and Family Time!!!


For my May appointment at MDA Mom and I went to see Kirk, Amy, Garrett and Mallory.  We had a great weekend,, exploring the beaches and shopping center and eating great food!!  Times like those are priceless and I enjoy it so much!!!

Sunday Luke and Savannah came over and Granny cooked us a great lunch,,,, she made her famous Banana Pudding .

Savannah is the first of the next generation Grand babies,,,, and that she is!!!!  She is such a little sweetie,,,We all love her so much!!!!   Luke and Summer have done a fantastic job at parenting!!!! 

My appointment on Monday went well!!!  This is the 3rd month of tamoxifen treatment with Xgeva injections.  Next month is time for complete body scans!!!  If things are at a standstill we will stick to this treatment,,,, side effects are minimal ans I can function and feel like living again.   Wanting to go back to work so bad.... I miss being a Nurse so bad,,, it is so much of who I am!!!

Thanks everyone for your prayers!!!   I cant emphasise that enough!!!  I TRUST THAT God will  make me whole again so I can be a walking testimony!!!
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